May is a magnificent month in terms of flora and fauna – the countryside is green and lush, blossom is in flower and there are all sorts of birds in evidence. Rhodes is on the migratory path of many species and some visitors come just for this purpose. All in all, May is a great month for getting out and about and enjoying the natural beauty of the island. Most days are warm enough for the beach although the sea may be a little chilly still. In the evenings you will probably need a jacket of some kind. 

June and early July are warmer, it’s practically guaranteed to be beach weather every day and the sea is a more comfortable temperature. It’s still pleasant to explore but you might want to take things at a more leisurely pace and if you’re hiring a car you’ll probably be looking for air conditioning! The evenings are beginning to get warmer and you probably won’t need your jacket even once! 

When to visit Rhodes

The end of July and the entire month of August, as well as being the busiest months because of the school holidays, are the very hottest time on Rhodes. Temperatures really start to soar and the true sun-worshippers come out! Average daytime temperatures on the island are around somewhere around 31° (the Lindos area is always around 5°-6° hotter) and it doesn’t often drop below 20° at night. This is not the time for English roses to be sunning themselves on the beach here! 

September is a really pleasant time of year to visit. Things are starting to get a little quieter as most schools start back for their autumn term, it’s beautifully warm and although the countryside isn’t as green as it is in spring, it’s bathed in a golden glow from all the summer sunshine it’s already soaked up. The sea is beautifully balmy and the evenings are still warm enough to enjoy long and lazy al fresco suppers. A great month for relaxing and soaking up those rays but also a good time for exploring and discovering the island on foot. 

October on Rhodes has a charm all its own. The island is much less busy, there are far fewer visitors and yet it is generally still gloriously sunny during the daytime. The sea is still warm enough to enjoy and the beaches are mostly quiet. The evenings are beginning to cool down and it’s probably a good idea to bring a jacket. The atmosphere is mellowing too as the Greeks start to wind down as the end of the summer approaches. This is the time of year many veteran visitors like to visit – again and again and again!

In November and December the island is even more quite. Christmas holidays is a nice time to enjoy the cosy local restaurants. The centre of the island is filled with places serving good wine and fresh meat and/or fish. Beautiful cafes and bars in Rhodes town are open all year long for the locals and they will welcome you. Surprisingly the sea is still warm enough to enjoy and the beaches are mostly quiet. Many winter swimmers enjoy the sea in Rhodes at this time of the year.  It's a great time for running along the beautiful bay or cycling. Hiking is very comfortable as the temperature is around 15 degrees during the daytime.